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Ducks out of water

Ducks out of water
Through undercover filming and careful research Viva! has exposed what the producers and the retailers don’t want you to know – what really goes on down on the factory farm.
Viva! has filmed squalid conditions, diseased and injured ducks.  Viva! have exposed how these aquatic, wild birds are denied access to water for swimming or preening. How they are killed at just seven weeks old and how they never even see their mothers.  Many people still don’t know that ducks are even factory farmed – let alone the fact that 19 million are slaughtered in the UK each year.

During our long running campaign to highlight the suffering of factory farmed ducks Viva! investigators have visited almost all the major producers in Britain (which supply British supermarkets). In one unit, where we filmed this year, we saw thousands of adorable, yellow fluffy ducklings – but without their mothers to protect them, to teach them how to swim, what to eat, how to preen. In these places no one cares. These birds are to be killed for the growing market in duck meat and, like every other ‘new meat’, it is hailed as the healthy choice. But is it?
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