Guide to Vegetarian Calcium

Calcium for vegetarians and vegans
Calcium’s main role is a structural one and the most abundant mineral in the human body.
So why do we need to make sure we get the *RNI of Calcium if there’s so much already? Well, that’s because calcium also plays a role in cell biology. Calcium can bind to a wide range of proteins altering their biological activity, which is important in nerve impulse transmission and muscle contraction.
There is continuous movement of calcium between the skeleton, blood and other parts of the body and calcium is vital for helping blood clot.

Foods high in calcium:

Tofu (if prepared using calcium sulphate contains more than four times the calcium of whole cow's milk),
Black molasses
Dried figs
Soya flour
Brazil Nuts
Wholemeal bread
Citrus fruits and their juices


*The old Recommended Daily Amounts (RDAs) have now been replaced by the term Reference Nutrient Intake (RNI). The RNI is the amount of nutrient which is enough for at least 97% of the population.

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